Frequently asked questions

What breed of chickens are on the farm?

We are proud to raise an amazing flock of Bielefelders. These birds are amazing egg layers and meat birds. Click here for more information on the breed specifics.

What is a "free range" farm?

When we say our chickens are "free range" we mean they spend most of thier days in the open fields. Due to weather conditions, they occassionaly need to stay inside thier beautiful chicken barn, but most of the year you can find them roaming the pasture enjoying a fresh salad bar of biodiverse plant and bug life.

What is "organic" farming?

In a nutshell, we are a farm dedicated to raising our livestock and growing plants without the use of harmful chemicals. By using natural processes and boidiversity, we can achive a beautiful balance of life without harming our fields and families with chemicals. "Organic farming, agricultural system that uses ecologically based pest controls and biological fertilizers derived largely from animal and plant wastes and nitrogen-fixing cover crops. Modern organic farming was developed as a response to the environmental harm caused by the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in conventional agriculture, and it has numerous ecological benefits." -

Can we visit the farm?

Yes! We will have specific farm events that are open to our community. Please follow our facebook page to see upcoming events. We also offer on the farm classes and tours by reservation.

What kind of animals live on the farm?

We are always exploring new animals to add to our diverse herds. In addition to the livestock and animals that reside on the homestead for our family, our standard breeds for sale and market will include, but are not limited to: Bielefelder Chickens Eastern German Shepherds "Vandermark Shepherds" German Angora Rabbits